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A Question for you:

Did you read it your self?

If two people read the same thing and they both misunderstand the words, then is either person right?

If they are both wrong and they argue about it, then does that make either of them right?

If they argue and shout loudly are they then more right?

Only truth is right, but too often we wrongly decide what we know is true, rather than trying to understand what Truth is.

It doesn't matter how much or how strongly we believe something, because when it is wrong, then it is wrong even if we believe it is right. And if what we believe is right then it is right regardless of what others say. We do not get to decide what is right or what is wrong, that is decided by what Truth is.

When all is said and done, ask yourself this: Did I read it myself and balance it against what is true and righteous, or did I blindly believe some passionate person who is wrong?

If there were to be a final judgement of your own life on this very day, do you know you will pass the test because you lived with justice, righteousness, and Truth?

Or did you just believe what "they" told you to believe?

If we decide to believe someone who is wrong, then are we any less guilty and any less responsilbe for our own errors that were caused by our own wrong beliefs?

What is True?

Do you get to decide? Or do you only get to decide if you will believe what is True?

Understand things for yourself. Do not blindly follow someone who is wrong. Read for yourself in innocence seeking only Truth and assume nothing. In doing so, many who are wrong will begin to see what is True and what True is.

Read for yourself
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